Masseria Donna Chiara Private eSTATE promotes art in all its forms. It will host, in its rooms, paintings, sculptures and installations by local and international artists.

In this edition, the guests of the Masseria will have the pleasure of appreciating the works of the painter Lucio Garribba, born in Barletta in 1947 where he lives and works. He was a pupil of Guttuso and Vespignani at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The artist has participated in numerous events both in Italy and abroad where he has achieved numerous prizes and awards such as the one in the international exhibition “Cultures a Confronto” held in the castle of Trani in 2003 and the 1st prize at the 10th painting competition and sculpture induced by the “Giuseppe De Nittis” Association.

Lucio Garribba, inventor of an iconic and biting language, means that his works can therefore be defined as “windows on the unconscious”, a “ready-made” where objects and signs acquire new values ​​by seducing the viewer’s thought and breaking their fixity emerge from a background dense of elements with which they interact.

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