The territory South of Bari is bursting with incredible colors and shapes: on the coast, large swaths of golden sand alternate with majestic rugged cliffs, while the countryside is riddled with masserie surrounded by olive and fruit trees.

The first stop is Monopoli, whose name translates as ‘’unique city’’. Before arriving at its heart, cross the beautiful country fields and while passing by the Selva di Fasano, make a stop-off to enjoy the view of fortified masserie, churches, rock settlements and villas  from this natural terrace. Stay in the countryside and make for the Lama degli Ulivi Botanic Garden to visit the caves, rock-hewn churches and more than 2000 plant species of the maquis shrubland. Take a stroll around the historic centre, up to the town’s landmark, the Castle of Carlo V, which faces the promontory of Punta Penna, today a special venue for events and conferences.

The route takes you further to Polignano.  The fantastic view of the old town perched on a promontory overhanging the sea, bids you welcome. On foot or by boat, don’t miss out on exploring the local sea caves and coves, among which the Rondinelle and Grotta Palazzese, washed by crystal-clear waters.

Monopoli – 8 minutes’ drive
Polignano a Mare  – 19 minutes’ drive
Alberobello – 19 minutes’ drive
Bari – 40 minutes’ drive
Bari airport (Palese) -50 minute’s drive